I remembered once I was told there is a first time for everything and that was the day someone offered me a can of kingfisher(*I didn’t have that on THAT day). People born ,dream and die.I born in 1993, dreaming in 2015 and I will die in 2060.Sometimes I see people who are rich ,famous ,successful & LIVING their dream .I look into mirror and always try to see a people I dreamed but I got a man who never do things to make his dream reality ,living in an illusion that one day his dreams will become true.
So,Today when i look into that mirror i told that man in the mirror i am going to do something to see you smiling and saying well try so, i am going to start my blog with a small story about a small girl.

Maa ,Why you made me black………….(An unanswerable indian girl’s question)

Aug 13th ,2009.Two days before everyone becomes an Indian soldiers , fb covers ,fb profile pics,whatsapp profile pic changes from Salman, Shahrukh,Ayesha,dumb Selfies to our national flag.As every day I was lying on my bed with my laptop watching a movie.On that day i guess i was watching transporter.Nothing was unusual everything was like everyday.Like everyday my dear Mamma(Mother ) called at 1p.m. and i knew she would ask “pua khailuni naa laptop dekhuchu” (Had your launch or still with laptop…. ) and i will answer “mu khaiki padhuchi”(I had launch and studying).But that day she called she asked the same questioned and i answered the same but something i felt odd in her voice i asked the matter ,she said my aunt has a baby girl.Then i told that was great..why didn’t you told me that first.She said nothing just hung up which she does rarely.
Jan 30th,2014. I was in Berhampur ,my uncle’s house.Let me tell you something about my uncle.He is a great scholar,engineer , a well paid government officer ,an open minded joyful person .and my aunt she is beautiful ,a great home maker and more importantly she cooks THE best Chicken curry in the world.In the morning I was with my uncle discussing about the trending topic Arvind Kejriwal. Suman, uncle’s daughter cute,naughty and a chota bheem fan came with her drawing book in one hand and report card in other.She was asking me to draw one lotus .But frankly i am very bad at drawing.When i was a child i had drawn a mango on my drawing book and asked my father to guess the fruit and he told its a nice apple , then i threw that book and cried like hell,my father instantly bought a boomer chocolate and told me to write the fruit name below.So , the point was i couldn’t draw a beautiful lotus but my aunt also insisted .The M.F.Hussain in me woke up and i started drawing something likely to be lotus.Suman asked me something that got everyone’s attention.She asked me how she was born.I just said nothing.Then she went on asking the same.Believe me small children are more stubborn than girlfriends.I told her your mom gave birth to you .Then she asked what about her friend Shruti. how was she born. I just said like your mom her mom gave birth to her.Everyone laughed in that room.
Then she went to aunt and asked “Why my friends are white and i am black, why i look ugly,why they tease me by saying me kali(black girl).Why i am different.Why you made me black.”and she ran to me asking”Can you make me white like you so no one will tease me.Look at the pencil it’s colour is black everybody like to write by it but why nobody likes me.Eraser can erase the black drawing, brother can you erase my black skin and make my skin as a white as paper…..”.She was crying with that eraser in her hand.There was a silent i was just freezed .I saw tears on a man’s eye.Uncle went upstairs with the paper pretending nothing happened but i remembered the tears fell from his eyes.He is black . But he is successful in his life and had a beautiful women , my aunt.On the other room my aunt was trying not to cry but the tears were finding their path out.Then i remembered that day my mamma was silent when i told her it was great that aunt had a baby girl because it was not.Suman went to the bedroom crying loudly.I didn’t answer Suman, neither my aunt nor my uncle because we can’t.Its mistake to be born as a girl in India but it becomes sin if that girl is black.A four year girl who don’t know what racism is but know that she is black and she is different.I can go and on on this i can debate on this but like all i will only debate on this.We judge the book by its cover not what is inside.I was just going to stand something dragged my attention ,it was suman’s report card.She had scored 100 out of 100 in every subjects and which got wet after i saw them.



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