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India would be in a position to provide navigation service through ‘Gagan’ probably in 2014.

India will soon  have its own global positioning system . This year will  witness the launch of India’s first series of navigation satellites that will aid on providing regional navigation service, independent of the U.S.-controlled GPS (Global Positioning System). To offer this service, which will be named ‘GAGAN’ (GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation), India needed to launch a number of satellites and the first of this series, the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), would be launched by the PSLV C-22 rocket, probably in the second half of this year.


The researchers have come up with a new kind of photovoltaic cell based on sheets of flexible graphene coated with a layer of nanowires. This innovation will lead to low-cost, transparent and flexible solar cells that could be deployed on windows, roofs or other surfaces. Most of the modern day solar cells are made up of silicon, which makes them expensive. Researchers are exploring alternatives, such as nanostructured or hybrid solar cells; indium tin oxide (ITO) is used as a transparent electrode in these new solar cells.

Here Comes Smart Cube To Monitor Your Alcohol Intake .

While you are in a wild party, you hardly count the number of drinks you gulp down your throat. There is no one at the party to say- “Hey stop! That’s enough alcohol.  MIT’s Media Lab has come up with an idea and developed a smart edible waterproof jelly that looks similar to an ice cube. It will flash red light from your glass if you exceed your drinking limit. To help other party people, they have come up with the smart cube. The smart cube would be present in your drink. It would flash colours like green, yellow and red depending on the alcohol you have consumed. The smart cube has a coloured LED, an accelerometer, IR receiver and a battery embedded inside. The accelerometer calculates the number of sips a person has gulped alone with a timer to determine the approximate alcohol intake. After the measurement, the cube will flash the corresponding light. If a person still drinks beyond the red light, the cube will send a text message to a registered friend to carry you back home.

Recovery of Apollo engines from Atlantic

Rusted pieces of two Apollo-era rocket engines that helped boost astronauts to the moon have been fished out of the murky depths of the Atlantic. A privately funded expedition led by Bezos raised the main engine parts during three weeks at sea and was headed back to Cape Canaveral, Florida, the launch pad for the manned lunar missions. Bezos plans to restore the engine parts, which included a nozzle, turbine, thrust chamber and heat exchanger.





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