My Country- INDIA

I-Ignited Minds

N-Natural Minds

D-Developing Nation

I-Intelligent & Innovative Ideas



                      “Today my country is developing.”

            I am hearing this line since my senses started working.


         Yes it is good that we are developing because sky is our limit & there is no goal to achieve beyond sky.

No matter how developing we are but still we should keep on developing we are but still we should keep on developing, once we think are developed then all the above said definition of India will not sustain.

        So we should keep on developing & never be satisfied.


        For developing we need to adopt some culture with some calculated risk, as adopting some new thing may result some unexpected results.

For example:

          We learnt the art of dressing ourselves in a more fashionable way but couldn’t learn the art of motivating or convincing others verbally in a fashionable way.

          We learnt to blame others for every reason but we couldn’t learn to find solution to our own problems.


Media of our country:


          Our media is only looking for crime, accidents, & bomb blasts, etc but very less concerned about the development of our country.



“We are the first in Milk Production” but our media never put this fact before us but we are well aware of the crime, bomb blasts,

Apart from all this I love my country & ready to give what my country demands because my love my country.


Do you love your country?



then what to do you all know!!


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