On a Sunday morning sitting at a restaurant for breakfast, I chanced upon to see the ‘Satyamev Jayate’ being aired. I noticed an eerie silence around me. Few days later in the classroom talking to some young people about the effectiveness of the show, the opinion
although divided, had one thing in common i.e., a very nonchalant approach. Juxtaposed were some reviews in few print media about the fake tears and glamour quotient, spoke volumes about our priorities. To some it was a TRP raising effort and others callous. Those who showed some reaction or concern were the one who had borne the burnt. To many it was like; it is not of my concern and for a quite large section of the society it was too harsh a reality to hear or discuss, as they, being one way or the other, an active party, to one or the other, of those issues aired. To all those who went through that harrowing time, it was, ‘let the dead past bury itself ’. It was a passive acceptance of the way the things happened around them. Probably conditioned to be that, right from the days they gained their senses.The question that haunts me is, was it a programme to enlighten the masses and to bring them out of their closets or was it one of those hundreds of soap operas being aired on television every night? The topics seemed, to many, as a taboo to be seen or discussed. But it is surprising to watch many of the youngsters and old alike gluing up to the television sets religiously, to sincerely watch those operas and also carry the discussion from the drawing rooms to the kitchen and the kitty parties or college canteens to the market place.Seems, it has relevance to our daily life. Somewhere within us lurks also a character somewhat
related to the soap operas, pitch forked,looking for direction. What can be better than the sorcerer’s ball (read television set) to show us the direction via the ‘Tulsis’ and ‘Prernas’. Or why else should somebody be so crazy about some melodramas. What the so called educated intellectual mass of our society call ‘being practical’ is nothing but the devil’s advocate.The justification put forth by some of them, citing many examples, seems like ‘the devil quote the scripture for himself ’. When the fingers get burnt, we start crying foul, but till then; it’s my neighbor’s house on fire, what have I do with it. The worrying part is, the youth, who since time immemorial, have played a major role in bringing a revolution in the society, have become too complacent .They have more to do with the latest mobile set or the latest tariff of the mobile operators or the insensible nonsense to be uploaded on to the different networking sites. Born in a time of ‘my father is my ATM’ they have nothing to do with what’s ahead or where they are heading. The demon that is
pillaging the social fabric, is slowly, stealthily but surely advancing. Fed by our complacency and effeminacy it is growing in strength and lethality. It’s already too late, but, better late than never, it is for us to bear the mantle lest it be too late. Extolling the effort of others without initiative seems patronizing. Millions of sycophants eulogizing abound around us but the time calls for a revolution
of which the youths have to be the torch bearers.


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