EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN : “ A must read for men”

If you thought that you were born a free bird and the sky was your limit, you should perhaps stop thinking and better come out of the world of dreams you live in. For a girl has never had enough to be herself. She has always been looked upon and cherished if she gives her best in becoming the best housekeeper, giving up her dreams, inhibiting her growth for the sake of her so called family and astonishingly she finds happiness and euphoria in the success of her husband or child rather than herself. Isn’t she an entity herself, isn’t she the one who nurtures everyone, isn’t she the one who gives one an opportunity to live and bless us with the zeal to live the so called pleasantries of life. Yes she indeed is. And yet when it comes upon considering her plight, she is always looked upon as the weakest creature God could ever create on earth.


A girl, to whichever social strata she might belong to, is always starkly considered a bane. Despite of all the modernization, industrialization, globalization and words like women empowerment becoming a day to day affair, this panacea to human race is seen as an abject poison.

She is considered to be the root cause of all the misdeeds that happen to her and her family. The society or rather this developed society of ours thinks a girl to be the black sheep of her family if she dares to live her life her own way rather than just giving birth to keep the next generation of the family intact. The hypocrisy of our society comes to the forefront when we see that westernization is so easily accepted for men , but when it comes to women, she is called unethical , if she easily adepts to it.

This dual standard has led to the moral degradation of men, who blame women for all odds and restrict them in a domain that is nothing more than a prison. This is applicable to all levels of men, be it a boyfriend, a husband, a brother or a father. Men seem to be finding pleasures, deriving their daily stock of enjoyment by showing superficial concern for women in their lives.


Now if any one of my readers believe that I somehow have developed a misconception, then my dear friend, there is only one request that I could make to you, “Please open your eyes and for a second come out of the hypothetical world you live in, look around yourself and you will find free souls jailed, living in an expectation, with a hope of being free someday.  ” Be it a girl standing at a bus stop or an employee working in a company, she is the one who faces all the traumas beginning from hearing a comment to getting raped and then finally being restricted to the four walls of her home, becoming a necessary evil.


This is what a woman has to face, being cheated, deprived, forlorn and wrecked. If only she could live and become something she was meant to be, this world would definitely be a much better place to live in. So next time when you come across a ‘female’ do think on this —–

“If all men are born free, how is that all women are born slaves.  ”


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