Friendship is a blessing, and a friend is a channel through whom great emotional and something even physical blessing flow. Friends can cheer us when were sorrowful or depressed. Friends can challenge us when we allow ourselves to get beyond our reasonable boundaries. Friend can motivate us when we’re ready to give in, and they can provide for us when life fall apart. They are there when all is well, and we want someone with whom to share lives pleasant and memorable moments. We often just want them around to have a good time, to laugh, to act silly; to enjoy some mutually liked activity. In how many ways have friends enriched our lives and made us feel loved, accepted, respected and cared for? probably, too many to list, and the list grows daily



     It is safe to say that when God created the world and all the majestic things in it, when he stacked the heavens with radiant color and earth with grand mountains and painted the plains with waving grasses and erected noble forests of towering trees, he outdid it all by creating friends. Why not take a moment or two and thank someone today for being a friend to you?


    May God bless you with all the friends you need, and may he turn you into a blessing by using you as a friend to others.


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