Give it the best shot you got



Can you remember your college admission day? Do you remember the feelings that went through you? It was exactly 4 years ago when I joined an engineering college with a privilege of becoming more talented and joining a reputed company. I was scared I remember seeing the legends who made their stand high enough in this field. I remembered hearing the stories of the innovation of those people who were so successful in making millions per an idea. I sat there when I thought of my friends who are successful and Bingg….gg “hey,WAIT A MINUTE!!! that could be me sometimes.” Then an another thought from the depths of your brain pushes hard to ask the perfect question in a loud voice “ya man it’s a great thought but what if youuuuuuuuu fall on your face”. What you will do if you fall on your face? Do you jump right up and hope no one noticed or you seek for a hand to give you a help? Or  you more concerned about what other people may think then what you can learn from this? This is the situation of OUCH!!(the sound created when you get hurt).



Have you ever stayed down too long or have you ever been failed too many times? After 4 years of hard engineering struggle when I went for the placements , I didn’t get one. I don’t want to take the pride but when I was rejected by 2 companies in the first month I doubled my rejection list in the next month. Hmmm that’s right I converted my degree into  being a non-worthy talent. But I mentally fall on my face. And at the perfect time I remembered from my childhood, my childhood hero  Dr. Robert H. Goddard how innovative  and ridiculous idea about building a device that takes off from earth and reach the moon. His idea was THE IDEA which made us land on the moon.


 I remembered when I got one of those ridiculous  idea I was driving to the market listening to the radio when a voice in its sweet tone asked what would you like to dream of if you know you wouldn’t fail. I just got the answer after much struggle and then suddenly BOOOOmmmm hit the lady on left. I managed the situation but on the contrast the answer was I would like to be a social worker. But on the contrary I didn’t have enough ideas to really rely on being a social worker. I wasn’t a good motivator in fact the first time I motivated someone he ended up doing just the opposite. OUCHHH!!



  There are many of us who have got the same feeling. We know where we are today in our lives in  our career and we clearly know where we want to go what we want to achieve, what I wanna be. But what we do we go up and down, back and forth “when I get my salary”, “when I get a bit older”, “when I have more time”, “when I have enough experience” that’s what I will do. But we never think of taking the first step which was the basic start. Dr. Goddard’s when launched his first rocket to achieve the dream it went only 49 feet and landed at the place itself where it was was his first step tough it was small one. Strangers will criticize you, they will demotivate you from your goals, they will make you to quit but it’s finally you who will quit. When the media came to know about this failure the headline flashed “Man misses the moon by 239,899 and half mile”. We have our dear ones who loves us, care for us they don’t want us to fall on our face. My parents couldn’t be imagined when after stretching their budget to help me study in the college and finally I come home “MOM…DAD I want to be a social worker”. The room was filled with aroma of silence.


We all should understand that it’s a part of the process. Everybody has failed when he tried to achieve something new. But the difference between a winner and a loser is they never quit. They keep on trying when others are entertaining. Imagine if Dr. Goddard had given up then visiting moon would have been a distant dream. He made his failures the pillar of success. Whatever may be the situation you are always provided with the opportunity to take the first step. If you take it then you win and if not you become one in several cases. You would never know when with just one more shot you are at your destination.Always remember ……….




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