At some point of time we need some magical force that will boost ourselves and make living a worthy living. We need to believe that  god doesn’t create waste product hence you are also one in the slot which make you a man with purpose. Just have faith in that almighty and go on doing what you think is right, if in case you go wrong he will guide you through that. Having faith will give you a will power to succeed in your life.


             Visit the holy places like church, temple and other whenever you feel lonely. Do some charity works if you can be a hero of your own kind. Help the weaker to bring them to a good level, donate blood to save life, keep others happy if you can and keep smiling always. Living a contently life will be the best life you have ever imagined. Watch the motivational video, read lots of book. Reading book is important because there will be no problem that you have encountered or will encounter which is not solved in the past, so that would make it easy to solve yours.


                  Keep on doing regular exercises because that would keep you fit. As the saying goes ”early to bed early to rise keeps a man healthy wealthy and wise”. Sleep a sound sleep that would keep you fresh throughout the day but wake up early that would provide you with ample time to do other stuffs that you seldom forget.


                There will be many times when you will get a feeling of giving up. Just hold with the best feeling that  you have till now and make it a source of motivation  which will surely change your mind to rise again with more confidence and willingness. There will be both good and bad which you will have with you. The main point is what is the ratio of it? As a human being you will surely have a bad characteristic but keep it as low as possible.



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