Explanation, Excuses, Ego these 3E are the main reason for success and also failure if you avoid these 3E you will succeed if you acquire these 3 E you will fail

Don’t think these to be a “yet another lecture” it has been seen if among the 3E only one is there, then the other  2 E’s will soon come into picture.

The present situation in this world is such; if you don’t have the potential to stand you will never get a permanent shed. And there are 3 beautiful and comfortable chairs 3E if you sit and enjoy, on these chairs you will become handicapped not physically but mentally.

One more important tool for the enhancement of the 3E is “Mera Kya Jata He” (what will happen to me).

With the passage of time 3E starts growing that ultimately creates a negative attitude within you which is one of the biggest threat in corporate sector.

Some might think the lectures are only made to be given but nobody is aware of it that after few years facing the scenario, the same person will also start given lectures about the same thing, but time has already passed.

If we look at our palm it has got s fingers all having different size, some might have thought, if all fingers would have been same, it would have been very nice but it was  not possible as this is made by god.

So, here I want to sight that if god has made the arrangement like this, then nobody has the ability to change it, Suppose anybody thinks of it, it is just wastage of time, so our objective is to use the availability what god has given in a best possible way so that we can get best out of it.

Blaming the government for each and everything if not the solution the government is what we have made not what god has given. If we make the government why can’t we make corruption free government?

Again the other side of it is, if we make a corruption free government, we can’t give the guarantee that it will remain corruption free throughout but we can give guarantee of ourselves that we will never change and we will never become corrupted then we can see a better future of our country India.

One who respects the time and words spoken by others to him, nobody can stop the growth of him\her.

Time is very precious, somebody has rightly said become time has the power to make somebody grow and it has also the power to smash anybody.

Here I want to make I thing clear the speed of time is constant, the platform of life is constant only one thing that is variable is our own deeds, the more good thing we do, the more we grow and more bad thing we do, the more we degrade.


Talking big theories might seem that sitting inside an A.C chamber and writing this will not change the society. But I would like to sight few examples that in our college like we have done many things for our society, it is not my ego but my experience in past 3 years.  We members of NSS unit in past 3 years have initiated something and we have faith in our college that it will continue.

God has already programmed,  For everything you do, you will be rewarded. Many a times you don’t get reward but the self satisfaction and blessings you get is more than rewards what you get

Again I want to put my finger on those 3Es which will decide what we are


Nobody is born good or bad, Everybody is made good or bad.


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